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Using Folktales As A Teaching Resource: Work of Sound Fellow Cassie Patterson

The primary focus of Cassie Patterson's Berea Sound Fellow work was the audio recordings in Berea‟s Leonard Roberts Collection that documented his use of folktales as a teaching resource.

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Cassie Patterson / Columbus, Ohio / 2010-2011 / Topic: Teaching; Folklore

Cassie PattersonProject: Cassie Patterson is a PhD student in the English department at Ohio State University. Her areas of study are Folklore, Ethnography, Appalachian Studies and Literary Studies. Her Fellowship project was in furtherance of her doctoral research which addresses the complexity of Appalachian educational practices, both historical and contemporary. She is especially interested in how interventions by outsiders collide with local community traditions, both as critique and romanticization of culture.

The primary focus of her Fellowship work was the audio recordings in Berea's Leonard Roberts Collection that documented Roberts' use of folktales as a teaching resource. A secondary focus was the early records that documented educational philosophy and methodology of Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County, Kentucky where in later years, Leonard Roberts was a teacher. A near term outcome of her Fellowship study is a conference paper at the American Folklore Society annual meeting in Nashville, October 2010.