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GSTR 210 Reader, 2018

This page provides digital versions of essays from The GSTR 210 Reader. Although a generic citation is provided, please consult the printed text for specific page numbers when citing these documents.

Berea College: An Illustrated History

Using primary sources, recent scholarship, and photographs, Shannon H. Wilson charts the history and development of Berea from its founding through the administration of each College President.

In addition to the separate chapters listed under each respective president, other sections of the book may be of interest:

Wilson, Shannon H.. Berea College: An Illustrated History. University Press of Kentucky, 2006.

Fee, John G. - Founder

Fairchild, Edward Henry, President 1869-1889

Stewart, William B., President 1890-1892

Frost, William Goodell, President, 1892-1920

Hutchins, William J., President 1920-1938

Hutchins, Francis S., President 1939-1967

Weatherford, Willis D., Jr., President 1967-1984

Stephenson, John B., President 1984-1994

Shinn, Larry D., President 1994-2012

Roelofs, Lyle D., President 2012-