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iPads with Math Apps for Math Tutoring

Larry Gratton, Mathematics, experimented with iPads and tutoring

Faculty Member

Larry Gratton

Contact: 859-985-3360


IPads-Mobile and Blended Learning

iPads with Math Apps for Math Tutoring and Blended Learning.

Math tutoring TA's will be able to easily carry them around the lab (or entire library) and the students they help will be compelled to interact with the IPAD much more than a laptop or book.  This is truly an example of technology serving to enhance learning.

Larry Gratton is exploring interactive apps designed to help students learn math. The Ipads are hands-on and used by the TAs around in the lab (or entire library). The students are compelled to interact with the Ipad much more than a laptop or book.  This is truly an example of technology serving to enhance learning. 

Larry feels that the Ipads with selected apps such as (, Wolfram Alpha, Educreations, along with other apps and training, will serve his goal of reinventing how his TA's serve students.  The Lib Guide will then reinvent how students access the lab, or resources on their own.  Connecting the two technologies will complete the picture.

His original request to Educational Technology included,  10 iPad2s along with protective covers, a lockable storage case and a small budget for apps.  Anthony created a non-standard account for the iTunes account.  He also created an non-standard account for email for logging, send training content and materials.                                                                                                           

The goal of this project is to provide peer Math Teaching Assistants (TAs) with resources and training necessary to meet the demands of the 21st-century learning environment, with its emphasis on active/engaged learning and conceptual understanding.  With the iPad2, TAs will have at their fingertips, a vast library of web-based tutorials, demonstrations and visualization tools designed by educators to help students develop deep understanding.  With training, the TA will become the facilitator of this learning, and not be expected to assume the role of professional educator. 

Faster, and more mobile than the laptop, the iPad2 can be quickly moved about the room (or entire library) to help multiple students.  In addition, the video and image capturing capabilities built into the iPad2 may be used to record work and/or short demonstrations to be be shared quickly and easily with others.  Finally, the nature of this new, mobile technology is much more interactive than the traditional laptop.  Learning tools designed specifically for the iPad2 are exciting and interactive, helping students to engage in their own learning. 

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