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Bingham, Barry : Home

Written by Heather Dent, '11, Edited by Katie Grindstaff, '15

Profile of Barry Bingham

George Barry Bingham, Sr. (10 February 1906 – 15 August 1988) was a journalist, media mogul, and philanthropist who served on the Berea College Board of Trustees for over 38 years.

Education and Career

Barry Bingham was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on February 10, 1906.  He earned his A.B. degree, magna cum laude, in 1928 at Harvard University and his M.A. in civil engineering in 1939.  From 1941 to 1945 he served in the U.S. Navy in Europe.  In 1949 he was appointed Chief of Mission to France, ECA.  He was decorated Commander of the Order of the British Empire and as Commander of the Legion of Honor.

Bingham was actively involved with the distinguished Louisville Courier-Journal, one of the most reputable newspapers in the country, for nearly fifty years.  He began his career with this newspaper in 1930 as a reporter, secretary, and associate publisher.  In 1945 he became editor and president of the business.  He also served as Chairman of the Board of WHAS Incorporated and the Board of the Standard Gravure Corporation.


Bingham performed an active role in several other organizations as well.  He served as a member on the Board of Trustees at Berea College from 1938 to 1976, acting as chairman from 1974 to 1975.  He also served as chairman for the Pine Mountain Settlement School, the Rockefeller Foundation, International Press Institute, and the Asia Foundation.  Additionally, he was been a member of the Advisory Board for Pulitzer Prizes and of American Authors.


Bingham received the University of Kentucky Sullivan Award and the William Allen White Journalism Award from the University of Kansas.  He was honored with an LL.D. from the University of Kentucky, Kenyon College, and Centre College.  He also received a Litt.D. from the universities of Louisville and Cincinnati.  Berea College awarded him the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature in 1976.

Additional Resources

  • Berea College Vertical File, Special Collections and Archives
  • RG 11 – Honorary Degrees IV, Berea College Archives