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Kodey Blankenship

How to design in Canva

After logging into Canva, you will see a a strip at the top of your screen like the following.  Simply click on the type of design you want to create and you can begin. 


For this example, I clicked on Poster.  After clicking on a template type, you will come to a screen such as this one.  First you can choose a layout from any of the layouts as you scroll down.  Many are free layouts, while some cost money.  After selecting a layout, the white rectangle to the right of the image below will reflect your choice. 


After selecting a basic layout (or background) for your poster, your next option is to add things such as photos, shapes, icons, illustrations, etc.  To add something, simply click on its box and chose from the many options.  You can click on your choice of insert and drag onto your template.

Inserting Text

After choosing your layout, elements are not the only things you can add.  You can also click on the box to the left of the screen titled text, to bring up a section of your screen that looks like the following. 

Simply choose a text template to insert.  You can then click on the text, erase it and replace it with your own text.  Your text will keep the format of the base text.  You can also do this with text that is part of the layout. 

Augmenting the Background

A fourth possibility when working with your template is the backgrounds option, also to the left of your screen.  You can choose from several free (or not free) backgrounds that change the pattern of your layout, or you could simply change the color. 

Uploading your own images

Finally, if you have your own image in mind, like a special picture, you can upload your own images to insert into your can template.  You can upload them from your computer or connect to your Facebook.  You can also add pictures that you have purchased from this tab, on the left hand side of your screen.