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Created by Kodey Blankenship


2_70multitouchdisplay_mondopad_infocus_0.jpg (600×400)


A Mondopad from InFocus is a tool for both videoconferencing and conference meetings also sporting the ability to be a whiteboard and with Microsoft's PowerPoint, Word, and Excel for your classroom needs.  The Mondopad is composed of a 55 inch touch screen 1080P LCD display with adjacent video camera and sound strip.  A Mondopad allows for easy hookup to your personal laptop also, simply by plugging in a VGA or HDMI cable.


Functions of a Mondopad:

  • Be able to show your Microsoft Office files directly to your partners and edit those documents with the touch screen. 
  • Take notes, make tables, or draw diagrams with the whiteboard function with other party members. 
  • Use the Mondopad independently of a laptop or other external device
  • Download Smartboard software directly to the Mondopad if desired
  • USB flash drive to open Powerpoints or other lecture materials directly from the Mondopad system
  • HDMI connections for audio, visual and other display