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Burnside: SOC 100: (spring 2023)

Sociology of Everyday Life

Zine Assignment and Rubric

Your zine should be 12 pages total (that includes the front and back) which is 3 sheets of paper, front and back, with 2 pages/each side. 

Resizing your Zine design does not matter. Printing instructions are at the bottom of this webpage. 


Hutchins Library Zine Collection

Planning content for your zine

Zine Making : Online Resources

How to Make a Mini Zine

Using Canva to Make a Zine

Printing Digital Zines

These Instructions work for the most Common Type Zine (Half size, staple bound booklet).

1. Create zine in Canva
2. After you're done creating it, put your pages in this order while still in Canva: Back Cover, Front Cover, Page 1, Page 10, Page 9, Page 2, Page 3, Page 8, Page 7, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6
3. Click share→download→file type→pdf print
4. Open PDF
5. Click on print symbol 🖨️
6. Pages per sheet→2
7. Check print on both sides AND select flip on short edge
8. Print, fold in half, and staple

If you can only use wireless print (the print link):

1. Follow steps 1-3 above then open PDF (it should automatically open in your browser)
2. Click on the print symbol 🖨️
3. Go to more settings then Pages per sheet→2
4. Save pdf (open it with a PDF viewer to make sure it saved 2 pages/sheet)
5. Open wireless print and select the pdf
6. Select to print all the pages (1-6)
7. Duplex should be set on double sided (short)
8. Orientation should be set on landscape
9. Print, fold in half, and staple!