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How to Use Windows Live Moviemaker

The Home Tab

The home tab is the most diverse tab.  This is most likely the tab that you will spend the most time using.  If you are unsure about the function of a button, hover over it and a description of the function will appear.

The first of the five groups on the Home Tab is the Clipboard group.  Here is where you will find cut, copy, and paste controls.  They will also appear on the Format Tab under Text Tools.  This group is mainly used to manipulate text.  It is not possible to copy and paste videos and photos from the Internet, but you can copy and paste files into your project.

The next group in the Home Tab is the Add group.  This is where you can find buttons to add files and record video and narration.  You can also add titles and captions here.

The Animations Tab

The Visual Effects Tab

The Project Tab

The View Tab