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Burnside: GSTR 410 (Spring 2024)

What is Quantitative Data? How is it Different from Qualitative Data?

A chart comparing Qualitative Data and Quantitative Data

image courtesy of Regents Exam Prep Center

Where Do We Find Data?

  1. Nonpartisan, non-profit fact tanks, such as Pew Research Center, independently funded by trusts
  2. Government statistical agencies, such as the Census Bureau, funded by the government
  3. For-profit research companies, such as Gallup, contracted by individual businesses/ entities
  4. Scholarly Research, published in academic journals, funded by individual colleges/universities
  5. News Sources (television and print news)
  6. Non-profit advocacy groups, such as the American Diabetes Association or Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Words of Caution

  1. Just because we are interested in something doesn't mean there has been data collected on that topic.

  2. Even when data has been collected, it may not be available. Some data is proprietary.

  3. Be wary of the source of your statistics. Consider that numbers can be misleading and that data may be compromised for many reasons, including sponsor bias, method of conducting research, sample size, etc.

How to Write with Statistics Effectively

Data Databases

In search of statistics to support your research? Here are some high quality sources:

Berea College

Appalachian Region