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ECO 310: Research in Economics

Conducting a Literature Review


1. Consider employing 'Zotero' or the "My Folder" feature in particular databases to track your progress & organize your thoughts

2. Search for scholarly articles using my database recommendations (next page)

3. Try the same search again, within the same database, this time using synonyms or related terms (often a built-in thesaurus)

4. Repeat your search in other databases, mixing and matching keywords/subjects

5. Look at the keywords or subject terms listed in one good article for hints on how to proceed

6. "Cite forward" in Google Scholar or Science Direct for further sources

7. Citation mine using the references in newer articles

8. Order unavailable articles using Interlibrary Loan

9. Organize your findings in some meaningful way: chronologically, geographically, topically/thematically, or methodologically. Zotero (linked in the box below) can help you do that.

Managing your sources

Zotero is a tool that helps you to collect, manage, and cite your references