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Oral Histories: Arts and Crafts, in the Berea Sound Archives

Berea College Appalachian Museum Oral History Collection, 1975-1980

Interviews recorded between 1975 and 1980 documenting a wide variety of Appalachian traditional crafts, occupations, and expressive culture from areas of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Berea Weaving Oral History Project

Interviews with weavers and other Berea, Kentucky residents involved with household weaving, weaving as a Berea College student industry, or the commercial enterprise, Churchill Weavers.

South Arts In these Mountains – Central Appalachian Arts and Culture Interviews

Documentation of various aspects of folk arts and culture in the central Appalachian counties of Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Tim Glotzbach’s Interviews

Berea College Student Crafts Director 2007-2018

Brad Christensen Interview

Berea College Saulmon Early Technology Lab 4-10-2008