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Oral Histories: Activism, in the Berea Sound Archives

Appalachian Volunteers Oral History Collection, 1982

Audio recorded interviews with former Appalachian Volunteer workers who were assigned to West Virginia between 1964 and 1967, and then settled in the area after their service ended.

Appalachian Volunteers Oral History Collection (Jo Zingg / Jeanette Knowles)

The project was initiated by Jo Crockett Zingg with the purpose of documenting key figures in the Appalachian Volunteers organization who had not been interviewed as part of previous oral history efforts. Zingg recorded eleven of the interviews over an approximate two year period, 2008 - 2010. Former AV worker Jeanette Knowles continued the project after Jo Zingg's death in 2012.

Chemical Demilitarization Media Project Collection

Series 8: This material consists mainly of interviews with various involved persons, the proceedings of public meetings in Madison County, Kentucky and related congressional hearings in Washington, DC, all during the early 1990s.

Council of the Southern Mountains Oral History Collection

Audio recorded interviews with transcripts relating to the social reform efforts of the Council of the Southern Mountains (CSM) during the period 1970-1989. Interviewees include the former CSM executive director, other staff, board members, and elected officers.

Fellowship House Day Camp

Interview recordings, interview logs / transcripts, photographs, and print material relating to the formation of the Knoxville, TN based Fellowship House organization and especially its integrated day camp operated 1950-1972.

Fourth and Gill Oral History Collection

The collection documents the Fourth and Gill Neighborhood and Neighborhood Organization of Knoxville and consists of audio recorded interviews, photocopies of correspondence, publications, photographs, newspaper clippings, and several issues of The Gazette—the Fourth and Gill Neighborhood Organization's newsletter.

Poverty Warriors Oral History Project (Appalachian Studies 286)

Nine interviews recorded by Berea College students in a course taught by Chris Green during the Summer of 2015. The interviews were conducted to supplement existing material on the Council of the Southern Mountains and the War on Poverty in eastern Kentucky. Participating students were Emily Carter, Raychel McKinney, Britney Napier, Alexandria Gaston, and Kayla (Kyle) Rector.

Voices From the Sixties Oral History Collection