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Creating a Thesis Statement

Tips for creating a winning thesis statement

Grammar Practice

Grammar eBooks

Grammar Tutorial

This straight-talking ten-part set, adapted from the popular series developed for students to enhance their test-taking skills, combines serious academic content with a humorous presentation style to help make the rules of English more accessible. Elements such as high-tech special effects, computer animation, and entertaining vignettes boost retention and confidence while reinforcing essential principles through concise explanations and engaging examples.

Modules include:

• Introduction to Grammar / Parts of Speech (1)

• Parts of Speech (2)

• Parts of Speech (3) / Sentences

• Flexibility in English / Common Errors (1)

• Common Errors (2) / “Acceptable Errors”

• Introduction to Punctuation / The End Marks

• The Wily Comma

• The Semicolon, Colon, and Dash

• Surrounding Information: Punctuation that Comes in Pairs

• Punctuation Potpourri