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America’s Town Meeting of the Air : Vol. 3-7

This Library Guide provides searchable details about the content of issues of America's Town Meeting of the Air, a periodical produced from the 1930s to the 1950s based on radio broadcasts of the same name.

Town Meeting: Bulletin of America's Town Meeting of the Air, Volumes 3-7 (1937-1942), published by Columbia University Press

Volume and Number


Date / Speakers


What Should Be America's Policy in the Far East?

1937 November 4

Speakers: James G. McDonald, Edwin M. Borchard, Frederick Moore, Nathaniel Peffer


Where Will the Munich Settlement Lead?    

1938 November 14

Speakers: Felix Morley, General Hugh S. Johnson, Anne O'Hare McCormick


How Can the American Nations Cooperate for World Peace?

1938 November 21

Speakers: Edward Tomlinson,  Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., Professor Charles G. Fenwick


What Does Free Speech Mean Today?

1938 November 28

Speakers: Arthur Robb, Hon. Hamilton Fish, Jr., Norman Thomas


Is an Economic Plan for World Peace Possible? 

1938 December 5

Speakers: Paul Van Zeeland, Thomas J. Watson, Leland Rex Robinson, Ruth Alexander, James Harvey Rogers