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Moodle 3.11 Resources for Faculty

Getting started, tips, and tricks for using Moodle, a powerful Learning Management System (LMS).

What's New In Moodle 3.11

Moodle 3.11 is once again the result of the hard work from our core team and community contributors. Moodle 3.11 through 3.9 includes the following new features and fixes for the Moodle community to utilize and enjoy, including usability improvements, communication and further accessibility.

Features with 3.11

  • Improved learner experience - Activity dates and Activity completion conditions may be shown on the course page.
  • Dates and completion conditions within activities - Activity dates and Activity completion conditions are shown at the top of the activity page.
  • New display settings​​​​​​​ - New settings allow teachers to hide or show activity dates and completion conditions on the course page.
  • Manual completion​​​​​​​ - Students can mark an activity as complete from within the activity itself.

Features with 3.10

  • Download course content - Specific course items, currently content from the File, Folder, Page and Label can be downloaded if enabled site-wide and in individual courses.
  • Quiz completionSet quizzes to be marked complete based on one or more attempts. See Activity completion settings.
  • Content bank improvements​​​​​​​ - Download and/or replace H5P files in the content bank.

Features with 3.9

  • A prominent 'Turn editing on' button - Never miss the link with a bright new button in the Boost theme.
  • The Activity chooser has been overhauled, now featuring the ability to configure the display and specify recommended types - Easily locate, star, and view recommended items in an improved Activity chooser.
  • Improved participants page filtering - Search for and filter participants more efficiently.
  •  Accessibility enhancements within the Atto text editor - Atto editor improvements, a clearer focus on selected links are two of the improved accessibility features.
  • H5P integration improvements, including a content bank and better reporting capabilities - Link to or upload existing H5P interactive content and H5P activities can be added and graded
  • Improvements to forums with inline replies, sorting and starring replies and private replies among the key changes - MUA-funded improvements to the Forum activity include adding and replying to discussions online.
  • Ability to filter the calendar by month, day and upcoming events - Filter your calendar by month, day or upcoming event.
  • Clearer navigation in the Book module - Clearer navigation in the Book avoids earlier confusion.
  • Emojis can be included in Moodle messages - Add emojis into Messages or from a button in the Atto editor.
  • 'Go to top' of page navigation option - Swiftly move to the top of the screen as one of the many usability improvements.
  • Session Timeout warning - Stay on target with a Session timeout alert.


Getting Started with Moodle 3.11 through 3.9

Self-Paced Training Courses for Faculty

Given the number of changes incorporated into version 3.11, Open LMS updated the self-paced Moodle training courses that are available for self-enrollment. The courses include audio and video content to help faculty and staff become familiar with basic functionality and use of the Moodle LMS.  The Educational Technology staff are happy to assist you with any questions you may have in regards to the upgrade to 3.11.

Moodle Basics -v 3.11

Advanced Usage of Moodle - v3.11

You may view a specific topic once you've enrolled in a course.  Hover over the link for a brief description.

Moodle 3.11 Resources for Students

Information for Finding Student Moodle Data Who Have Withdrawn Guide