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GSTR 310: Patrick Dillon (Fall 2021)

Bible Dictionaries

Bible Dictionaries

A Bible dictionary lists biblical terms and topics in alphabetical order, and provides articles that give details about those terms and topics.  For example, you may learn that Christ is the Greek term for Messiah, and learn the origin, development, and use of the term in their historical, cultural, and theological contexts.


R 220.3 A539 Anchor Bible Dictionary, 6 volumes 

R 220.3 N532 2007 New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible 5 volumes

R 220.3 Z875 2009 Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, 5 volumes




A commentary analyzes and expounds on one or more books of the bible, and offers systematic explanations and interpretations of scripture.  This resource not only comments specifically on your particular passage, but also provides introductory material and comment on the entire gospel from which your passage comes.  Some of the concerns commentaries address may include:

Authorship and date of composition

Audience and circumstances

Sources the writer may have used

Textual variants

Historical and social context

Literary genre and structure

Comprehensive word study

Commentaries - Multivolume

These commentaries examine biblical books on the verse or even the individual word level.

R 220.7 I61 1994 New Interpreter’s Bible Circulating copies located on 3rd floor

R 220.72 A188 Interpretation Addition copies located on 3rd floor

220.6 A539 Anchor Bible (1965- ) Located on the third floor, this set provides more detailed analysis.


Academic Journal Articles

Academic Journal Articles

These articles are scholarly writings that are peer-reviewed, and are typically marked by the presence of an abstract and a long list of references at the end.Like commentaries, journal articles can help you work in-depth on your particular passage.

Monographs on Healing and/or Exorcism in the Bible


A monograph is a scholarly book on a particular topic of the Bible.Your required text, Healing in the New Testament: Insights from medical and Mediterranean anthropology, by Pilch (2000) is an example of a monograph.

You can find books located in Hutchins Library by searching BANC, our online book catalog, via the link below.