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Carlevale: GSTR 110 (fall 23)

Reference Books

What is a reference work?

A book (such as a dictionary, encyclopedia, handbook, etc.) intended primarily for consultation rather than for consecutive reading. Usually, these contain short, fact-driven entries.

How do you find reference works?

Perform a simple BANC search using your keywords and then limit to "Reference Collection" 

- OR -

Use a database of reference books, such as Gale Virtual Reference, linked to below

Published Books

How do you find books at Hutchins?

Newspapers & Magazines

To ensure you retrieve periodicals when you search, limit your search results to "magazines" or "newspapers".

Academic Journals


To ensure you retrieve scholarly, peer-reviewed articles when you search, limit your search results to "scholarly" and "peer-reviewed"

Evaluating Internet Sources with the CRAAP Test

Finding Credible Websites with Google Advanced Search

What are academic websites? 

A website created by an academic institution (or their faculty) that addresses specific areas of research. This is NOT the same as a peer-reviewed article found in an online database.

What are government websites?

A type of website created and designed for a government entity to communicate accurate governmental data, facts, statistics, and information members to the public.

How do you find these sites?

Use Google's Advanced Search Feature to limit your results to only these sites by searching for sites ending in the extensions ".edu" or ".gov"