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Labor Positions in Hutchins Library

Hutchins Library

Hutchins Library is the information center of campus. While the collection and organization of materials is essential to being a good information center, finding and using the resources is the paramount goal of the user. Hutchins Library is seeking student employees with a strong motivation to serve the community by processing library materials efficiently, and by helping patrons find and use the information they need.

Labor Awards - Library

Raymond B. Drukker Library Award

(2 awards of $700 each)

The Drukker Library Award is given each year in honor of Dr. Raymond B. Drukker who was a long time friend and worker for Berea College.  This award recognized excellence in labor performance on the part of the two most outstanding student workers in the Library.

Library Labor Department Award

(5 awards of $25 each)


This award is intended for the students whose over-all performance and contribution to the work of the Library deserves special recognition.

Applying for a Student Labor Position in the Library