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Burnside: SOC 100: (fall 2020)

Sociology of Everyday Life

The Assignment

SOC 100:  Sociology of Everyday Life                                                         Fall 2020

Instructor:  Dr. J. Burnside                                                                             Librarians:  Ms. Amanda Peach & Mr. Angel Rivera

Exercise Two:  Social Facts Essay (15%)

            Consider traits or features about your home town/city/county or country that interest you and collect five (5) major social facts, meaning facts that are publicly available, that can help you to describe your home area’s culture and society.   Discuss how these facts may support or be different from your observations and experiences of living back home.

           Identify four or more of the major sociological theoretical perspectives that can apply to your discussion.

          The five social facts may be both quantitative, meaning an emphasis on numbers, and qualitative, meaning an emphasis on meanings, or primarily of either type. 

            Do use a minimum of three sources, based upon our library’s Reference visit which will emphasize scholarly materials e.g. from Hutchins’ electronic journals database collections, and cite properly with either MLA, APA or another citation style for in-text along with a Works Cited List at end of paper.

            Expected length is word count = 900-950, typed, size 12 font, 1.5 line spacing, with no separate cover page needed but do create an interesting title.

Steps of Research Process & Due Date:        

           Aug 27th:    Assign Social Facts and understand the assignment.

                               Research Modules for Bibliographic Instruction, viewed asynchronously                        

            TBA           Conduct Peer Review on your own planning – use Peer Review handout and attach with your final paper.  Writing consultants
                               from the CTL are available via Zoom.

Due:   Sept 4th:     Submit on paper at the beginning of class.