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MKT 257: Maddox (spring 2022)

Searching for Articles

Recommended keywords:

  1. B2B and Organizational buying trends   OR    business-to-business and organizational buying
  2. American demographics and marketing
  3. Marketing to environmentally conscious consumers   OR   Marketing and (sustainability or environmental literacy or green)
  4. Lifestyle marketing and the Boomers
  5. Marketing to Millennials   OR    Marketing to Generation Y
  6. Marketing to Gen Z    OR     Marketing to Zoomers
  7. Color Symbolism across cultures
  8. Cross-Cultural variations in consumer behavior (Germany)
  9. Cross-Cultural variations in consumer behavior (Sweden)
  10. Dogs and cats: selling to their owners


- separate keywords into different search boxes

- use "or" after a keyword on the same line to find synonyms

- limit results by time

- click on the "Connect@Hutchins" link beneath articles in which the pdf is not available to see if we have access to it through another database

- if we don't have access, then search the citation on Google Scholar

- if it's not available on Google Scholar, then order it via Interlibrary Loan

Search these 3 databases simultaneously!

But if you don't find enough, then search these ones separately!

Keep Abreast of Current News

Part of being an informed and engaged citizen involves keeping up with current events by consuming the news.

Below you will find links to a few news databases as well as several specific news/magazine titles recommended by your professor.

Receiving News Updates via Email

In addition to accessing the news at the links above, you can use RSS feeds (such as those below) to stay abreast of the most current stories at any moment.

You can also opt to subscribe to RSS news feeds and have them sent to your email, if you are so inclined, 

To subscribe, follow the "website" link below the feed you are interested in.

Once there, click on the "share" option in the middle right side of the screen and choose "email alerts"

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