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AAUP - Berea College Chapter: Home

Written by Jaime Bradley

American Association of University - Berea Chapter

American Association of University Professors - Berea College Chapter

The Berea Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) was founded in 1933. The goals of the organization centered on improved teaching and curriculum, presentation of faculty research, shared governance and contact with the College’s Board of Trustees, faculty salaries, and clarity in policy related to tenure and academic freedom. By the mid 1970s, faculty interest began to dwindle; many of the aims of the organization had been achieved and faculty had gained other avenues for influence and shared governance within the formal structures of the College’s administration. In May 2010, the AAUP was revived, due in large part changes resulting from the College Administration’s response to the 2008 financial crisis and the 2009 Scenario Planning and Academic Restructuring process which followed.

Presidents of the Berea College Chapter of the AAUP

Waldemar Noll 1933-1936
E. Taylor Parks 1936-1937
Keith Hollingsworth 1937-1938
E. J. Weeks 1938-1939
J. B. Loefer 1939-1940
Walter Sikes 1940-1941
Charles Pauck 1941-1942
Louis Smith 1942-1943
Charlotte Ludlum 1943-1944
J. W. Sattler 1944-1945
R. R. Hardin 1945-1946
J. W. Hughes 1946-1947
A. O. Dekker 1947-1948
Willard Hogan 1948-1949
?? 1949-1950
?? 1950-1951
?? 1951-1952
Ira J. Martin III 1952-1953
Waldemar Noll 1953-1954
Lester Pross 1954-1955
D. B. Robertson 1955-1956
James Bobbitt 1956-1957
Carol Gesner 1957-1958
?? 1958-1959
Richard B. Drake 1959-1960
George K. Floro 1960-1961
Richard Allen Heckman 1961-1962
Thomas Beebe 1962-1963
Lester Pross?? c1963
?? 1963-1964
?? 1964-1965
?? 1965-1966
?? 1966-1967
Thomas D. Strickler 1967-1968
John White 1968-1969
William Schafer 1969-1970
William Schafer 1970-1971
Robert J. Schneider 1971-1972
Abdul Rifai 1972-1973
John Bolin 1973-1974
[John Bolin?] 1974-1975
?? 1975-1976
Grace Sebrell 1976-1977