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SOC/APS 330: Comm Analysis: (fall 2022)

Dr. Jackie Burnside



Cost of Living

Cost of Living Calculator

Understanding the cost of living in a given place helps you make an informed decision about the salary you'll need to maintain the same standard of living. This calculator from Smart Asset looks at the cost difference in taxes, housing, and food. 

Cost of Living in a Global Context

Living is the most expensive in the Bermudas and cheapest in Tajikistan. In our ranking of 110 countries all around the world the USA comes in 20th.The cost of living is calculated periodically in nearly representative baskets of consumer goods. But many factors complicate worldwide comparisons. E.g., a typical apartment doesn’t have a standard size nor fittings. Even the quality of a branded packet of butter isn't the same in developing countries. Consequently, comparisons like this have to to be looked at with caution.

Cost of Living Comparison Between Countries

Using this tool you can compare cost of living and its indices(Cost of Living index, Cost of Living Plus Rent Index, Groceries Index, Restaurants Index, Local Purchasing Power...) between two countries.

International Cost of Living Calculator

This international cost of living calculator allows by city and by country comparison worldwide: 9294 cities and 197 countries around the globe. The cost of living is calculated based on prices for rent, food, transport, and other living expenses for each city, which form a consumer basket assuming a moderate lifestyle and average consumption.