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Circulation Module 5: Voyager Circulation

Intermediate Tutorial

This video will show you how to complete slightly more advanced (and less commonly performed) tasks in Voyager, such as item holds, searching course reserves, and sending items to mending.

Cancelling a Hold Request

Sometimes patrons may ask that their hold request be canceled. You can do this two different ways in Voyager.The first way is to search for the item that was on hold. Click on the red book that says "Request Maintenance." 

Highlight the patron who has requested the hold cancelation. Click "Cancel H/R" and then "Yes" when it asks if you are sure. 

You can also cancel a hold request from the patron's record. Search for the patron and then click on the red book that says "Hold/Recall information." 

Highlight the item you are taking off hold and click "Cancel." Click "Yes" if it asks if you are sure..