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Circulation Module 5: Voyager Circulation

What is Voyager? Are we taking a trip?

Voyager is the integrated library system that Hutchins uses to keep track of, well, everything in the library.There are many different parts of Voyager, such as Acquisitions, Cataloging, Reporter, and Circulation. Voyager Circulation is the specific part of the system that you will be using. 

This is the login screen for Voyager Circulation. Each new employee will receive an operator ID to access the system.


This screen will appear after you successfully login. Once this is displayed, you're ready to start work! 

You must always use your personal operator ID when working with Voyager. This lets us know who does what in the system. If Voyager is already logged on when you sit down at the computer, close out of the window and log in with your ID.

The other tabs in this module will give you step-by-step instructions on how to properly navigate the Voyager system. It takes time to learn everything, so make sure you go at your own pace.