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Zines and Library Instruction - LIRT 2022

Assignment Prompts & Zine Artifacts Produced




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1. Choose a medium/method that works for you. You can cut and paste pictures from magazines and turn them into collages and write over them with gel pens...OR you can go old-school and handwrite the whole dang thing and doodle in the margins...OR you can go technical and design it in Canva (graphic design software)...OR you can incorporate personal drawings or photographs, you can share poetry you've written or quotes that have inspired you - whatever you would like! Zines are very personal and only you know what your experience has been like.

2. Create a finished piece that measures 8.5 x 11   (a standard piece of printer paper... FYI, if you use Canva, there is a template for "flyer" that defaults to that size). You can make more than one page.

3. Share it with me, Amanda Peach, at by Wed. 7/20. Note whether you wish to remain anonymous (or just leave your name/identifying info off of the page).

4. I will compile all of the pieces into one digital zine to be shared back with everyone in attendance. 


Visit our zines!

Above you will find a link to all of our digitized zines