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Adams: GSTR 210 (Spring 2022)

Academic Journals


To ensure you retrieve scholarly, peer-reviewed articles when you search, limit your search results to "scholarly" and "peer-reviewed"

Newspapers & Magazines

To ensure you retrieve periodicals when you search, limit your search results to "magazines" or "newspapers".

You can search any of the article databases where you looked for scholarly articles (except JSTOR), or you can go directly to Newspaper Source, linked below.

Where do You Find Them at Hutchins?

You can find journal articles in our article databases.

An article database is an online tool that allows you to search within a group of journals for articles on a particular topic. There are many different databases to choose from, and each individual database covers only a certain type and number of journals.


You can use those listed immediately below or scroll to the bottom of this page and click on 'Electronic Resources' to sort the databases by subject.