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See "Gaia's Dream" interactive display by Berea student Florence Wright

by Angel Rivera on 2021-11-15T11:04:32-05:00 in Art & Art History | Comments

Amanda Peach, assistant library director is pleased to announce the following:

Berea student Florence Wright invites you to interact with her sculpture, Gaia’s Dream, currently housed in the lobby of Hutchins Library for this week only, November 15th - 19th. You may write directly on it or attach items to its trunk and/or branches, using glue, twine, tape, or staples. A box of supplies are housed next to the sculpture and is available immediately for you to use, but you are not limited to just those. You may add anything to the sculpture, as long as it is not wet/smelly/dirty.

Here is her artist statement:

Gaia’s Dream:

Gaia is the goddess of the Earth. She is a symbol of life on Earth, and she is used as a representation of the environmental activism movement.

Gaia’s Dream is a tree built entirely from recycled paper and plastic. I want for each viewer to find a way that they can contribute to this sculpture. The goal is to build something beautiful together as a community to bring awareness to the need for sustainability and waste minimization. Our sculpture is a collective work that belongs to the hands of the Berea community; use glue or string or staples to attach your own contribution. Feel free to use the flyer or program as your contribution or use biodegradable pigments to add something (ie. wax, natural pigments etc.)

The world is a dark place, but each step we take together to better it is a drop of light in an ocean of void.



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