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Sowers GSTR 110 (fall 2021)

Information Life-cycle Infographic

Role of the Influencer: an Interview with Jack Harries

[Azure Peace]. (2019, March 11). Extinction Rebellion: Jack Harries What is the Role of Influencers in the Rebellion [Video file]. Retrieved from

Climate Change 101 by Bill Nye

[National Geographic]. (2015, Dec. 12). Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye [Video file]. Retrieved from 

Citation standards for typical social media posts

Possible Keywords

Here are just a few possible keywords:
(mix and match these to narrow your topic)

  • (Names of specific influencers): Bill Nye, Greta Thunberg, Isra Hirsi, Autumn Peltier, Finn and Jack Harries, Brother Nature, Emma Chamberlain, BrooklynandBailey, etc.

  • Names of specific organizations fighting for change: Extinction Rebellion or Ecological Defence Integrity or March for Science

  • Social media or Facebook or YouTube or Instagram or Twitter

  • Climate change or environmental degradation or global warming

  • Storytelling

  • Zero-waste lifestyle or waste-free living

  • Ecological Defence Integrity or Extinction Rebellion 

  • vegan or vegetarian

  • Paris Agreement

  • Covid-19 or Coronavirus or pandemic