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Reynolds: GSTR 410

spring 2021, term B

Questions to answer...

                                                                                                 topic: Burial practices

WHO are the people involved with my topic? Are you looking at members of specific faiths? Jewish, Hindu, Catholic, etc.? Or specific roles and their accompanying responsibilities, such as an undertaker, mortician, or priest?

WHAT are some examples of this topic? Sky burial? Embalming (or not)? Cremation as an alternative? 

WHEN? What time period(s) are appropriate to this topic? Mummification was historically practiced in Egypt, but is it still? Have practices, regulations, rules around disposal of bodies changed over time?

WHERE? Is your topic tied to a specific country, state, city or geographic area? For examples, how does cremation for Hindus living in Nepal differ from Hindus living in the United States? Why are graves above ground in New Orleans? What is the importance of place to my topic?

WHY is this topic/idea important –to others, and to me? At the most essential level, we all die, but why else?