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Marketing: BUS 363

Professor M. Maddox

Marketing Mix Paper/Project

Try these databases:

Don't forget to visit the official website of whichever brand you're investigating, as that will provide you with authoritative information on current goods/prices.

Social Media Project

Recommended keywords:

- name of specific social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)


- marketing or advertising or promotion or branding

Search all 3 of the following databases simultaneously!

Keep Abreast of Current News

Part of being an informed and engaged citizen involves keeping up with current events by consuming the news.

Below you will find links to a few news databases as well as several specific news/magazine titles recommended by your professor.

Receiving News Updates via Email

In addition to accessing the news at the links above, you can use RSS feeds (such as those below) to stay abreast of the most current stories at any moment.

You can also opt to subscribe to RSS news feeds and have them sent to your email, if you are so inclined, 

To subscribe, follow the "website" link below the feed you are interested in.

Once there, click on the "share" option in the middle right side of the screen and choose "email alerts"

Atlantic RSS Feed

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New York Times RSS Feed

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Wall Street Journal RSS Feed

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