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AST 286: Understanding Modern China: Economy and Environment

Topic # 1: Hot Topics

First choice for this Assignment: Access World News

Compare and contrast perception of a hot topic between the US and China by performing the same keyword search twice, but limiting the results by country.

For one search, you will limit the results to the United States and for the other search, you will limit to China.

The map feature in Access World News is the easiest way to do that.


Back up plan:

If the Access World News search doesn't net enough results for you, there's a backup plan.

You can search the links below to see if you have better luck.

Academic Search Complete will give you links to news from the United States and China Daily will give you access to Chinese news in English.

Topic # 2: Historical patterns & Economic Tradeoffs I: Social & Economic

Topic # 3: Historical patterns & Economic Tradeoffs II: Environmental

Topic # 4: China in the world

Search in all of the sources from Topics 1-3, plus try Humanities International Complete, linked below!

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