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Southern Appalachian Archives

The Southern Appalachian Archives acquires materials documenting the history and culture of the Southern Appalachian region.

Southern Appalachian Archives

COLLECTIONS (in number order)

Council of the Southern Mountains Records, 1912-1970, SAA 1 
Correspondence and other records (1910-1970) documenting the Council’s work of promoting cooperation among Appalachian private, government, and religious organizations. (288 ms boxes)

Appalachian Volunteers Records, 1963-1970, SAA 2 
Records of the Appalachian Volunteers organization (1963-1970) including extensive correspondence, print, and photographic material. (145 ms boxes)

Southern Appalachian Studies Records (1962 Survey), SAA 3 
Records of the administration, activities, and findings of this social, economic, and religious survey that was conducted to examine changes in Appalachia since the last such study done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1935. (180 ms boxes)

Katherine Jackson French Ballad Collection, SAA 4 
Several dozen ballads and songs collected by French (1909-1910) from eastern Kentuckians including Berea College students and resdidents of Berea. (1 ms box)

John F. Smith Traditional Music Collection, 1915-1940, SAA 5 
Several hundred ballads, songs, fiddle, and banjo tunes, some with musical notation, collected from Berea College students during the early 1900s by John F. Smith. Also included are lists of musical instruments played in the students’ home communities and descriptions of house dances and singing schools they participated in. (4 ms boxes)

James Watt Raine Ballad Collection 1908-1949,SAA 6 
Ninety ballads and songs collected by James Watt Raine during the time he taught at Berea College, from 1906 to 1939. (1 ms box)

Appalachian Feuds Collection, 1898-1977,SAA 7 
A collection of early 1900s correspondence between Berea College staff and researchers into Kentucky feuds. Also included are manuscript accounts of several feuds, related photographs, and newspaper clippings 1903-1921. (1 ms box)

Doris Ulmann Collection, 1930-1976, SAA 8 
Correspondence, clippings, and articles relating primarily to photographer Ulmann’s work in Kentucky and other parts of Appalachia during the early 1930s. Also included are copy negatives for 300 of Ulmann’s Appalachian related prints. NOTE: The Berea College Art Department houses and provides access to an additional 4,000 posthumous Ulmann prints. (1 ms box and 7 boxes of copy negatives)

Hindman Settlement School Papers, 1899-1977, SAA 9 
Correspondence, diaries, newsletters, ballad texts, and photographs relating to Hindman founders, Katherine Pettit, May Stone and other key figures in the school’s early history such as Ann Cobb, Josiah Combs, Lucy Furman, and Elizabeth Watts. (3 ms boxes)

Pine Mountain Settlement School Collection, 1913-1975, SAA 10
Correspondence, clippings, newsletters and other publications that document the School’s founding and operation, the long service of Berea President, Francis Hutchins on its Board of Directors, and the College’s formal administrative arrangement with Pine Mountain during the 1950s and 1960s. (9 ms boxes)

Katherine Pettit Papers, 1899-1937, SAA 11 
Correspondence, narrative reports, and published accounts documenting Pettit’s efforts during the summers of 1899-1901, that led to the 1902 founding of Hindman Settlement School in Knott County, Kentucky. (2 ms boxes)

Jesse Stuart Papers, 1933-1983, SAA 12 
Correspondence, typescript poetry and prose, clippings, and photographs documenting the life and work of eastern Kentucky writer Jesse Stuart. (7 ms boxes)

Bradley Kincaid Papers, 1923-1988, SAA 13 
Correspondence, photographs, interview transcripts, clippings, songbooks, sheet music, and other printed material documenting the career of Kentucky country music radio pioneer, Bradley Kincaid. (14 ms boxes)

Frontier Nursing Service Collection, 1911-1976, SAA 14 
Correspondence, printed material, and photographs (1923-1951) relating to Mary Breckinridge’s establishment of nurse-midwifery clinics in Kentucky’s Leslie and Clay Counties. Most of the correspondence is between Breckenridge and Berea College Presidents, William J. and Francis Hutchins who at various times served on the FNS Board of Directors. (1 ms box)

National Advisory Commission on Rural Poverty Collection, 1966-67, SAA 15 
The Commission’s fact finding efforts are documented in correspondence, reports and transcripts of hearings including one at Berea College on January 21, 1967. (8 ms boxes)

Appalachian Presbyterians Survey Records, SAA 16 
Survey data on rural-urban differences among Appalachian Presbyterians from eighteen congregations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia compiled in 1968 by Sociologist, Hart M. Nelson. (13 ms boxes)

I. W. Gabbard Papers, 1936-1955, SAA 17 
Notebook-diaries (1936-1955) of I. W. Gabbard, Owsley County, Kentucky farmer and justice of the peace. He recorded details about local and national events, farming conditions, crop sales, weather, and family genealogical data. (1 ms box)

Appalachian Ballad and Folk Music Collection, 1911-1975, SAA 18 
A collection of ballads, folksongs, spirituals, and commercial country songs collected at Berea College (1911-1927). Hand or type written text and notation are included along with correspondence between Berea College staff and music researchers (1907-1975). (1 ms box)

Willard Rouse Jillson Papers, 1898-1978, SAA 19 
Correspondence, photographs, and maps relating to Jillson’s active involvement in promoting the exploitation of Kentucky’s coal, oil, and gas resources while serving as Kentucky State Geologist (1919-1932). (66 ms boxes)

E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund Records, 1922-1978, SAA 20 
Records documenting the Robinson Fund’s role in southeastern Kentucky agricultural, educational, health, and economic development efforts. (71 ms boxes)

Perley F. Ayer Papers, 1952-1968, SAA 21 
Correspondence, speeches, interviews, sound recordings, and photographs relating to Perley F. Ayer, Berea College Sociology faculty (1947-1967) and Executive Director of the Council of the Southern Mountains (1951-1967). (14 ms boxes)

Pine Mountain (Kentucky) Community Study Records, 1948-1965, SAA 22 
Records of a socio-economic study of the Pine Mountain (Kentucky) Community conducted by Berea College Sociologist, Roscoe Giffin in the early 1950s. (8 ms boxes)

J.A. Stucky Papers, 1903-1956, SAA 23 
Correspondence, photographs, clippings, and articles documenting Dr. Stucky’s pioneering efforts in the treatment and eradication of Trachoma among eastern Kentucky residents during the early 1900s. (2 ms boxes)

John C. Campbell Folk School Collection, 1909-1981, SAA 24 
Correspondence and publications relating to the Brasstown, North Carolina school and its founders Olive Dame Campbell and Marguerite Butler and later directors. (1 ms box)

Helen Dingman Papers, 1917-1945, SAA 25 
Diaries, correspondence, reports, and notes of Dingman, an eastern Kentucky social worker, Berea College teacher, and executive secretary of the Council of Southern Mountians. (1 ms box)

John Fetterman Papers, 1940-1973, SAA 26 
Correspondence, research materials, writings, and photographs documenting Fetterman’s Pulitzer Prize winning work as reporter and editor for the Courier Journal and Louisville Times. He wrote extensively in the 1960s and 1970s about the effects of strip mining, poverty and the Vietnam war on eastern Kentuckians. He also authored the book, Stinking Creek and a National Geographic article on the people of Cumberland Gap. (30 ms boxes)

Appalachian Notes Records, 1973-1980, SAA 27 
Correspondence with writers and subscribers related to the journal, Appalachian Notes, during the editorship (1973-1979) of Berea College History professor, Richard B. Drake. (8 ms boxes)

Appalachian Studies Association Records, SAA 28 
Official records of the Appalachian Studies Association (originally the Appalachian Studies Conference) from 1977 to the present. (35+ ms boxes)

Bascom Lamar Lunsford Collection, 1874-1973, SAA 29 
Correspondence, photographs, diary photocopies, folk song lyrics, interviews, sound and video recordings documenting the career of NorthCarolina folk music scholar and festival organizer, Bascom Lamar Lunsford. Tune titles and performer names are searchable via an in-house database and printed index. (10 ms boxes)

Disputanta Oral History Collection, 1978-1979, SAA 30 
Series of twenty-eight (28) audio recordings, transcripts, and published material resulting from an oral history project documenting the Disputanta community in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, that was conducted 1978-1979 by Berea College student, Terry Allebaugh. An in-house database is available.

Ohio and Kentucky Railway Company Records, 1899-1900, SAA 31 
Right-of-way deeds and construction contracts for the Ohio and Kentucky railroad which ran from Jackson, Kentucky, in Breathitt County to Cannel City, Kentucky, in Morgan County and ceased operation in 1933. (1 ms box)

Talitha Ethel Powell McClure Ballad Collection, 1915-1980, SAA 32 
Handwritten lyrics to fifty-three ballads collected by Berea College student, McClure from her mother, Talitha Powell, during the 1915-16 school year. The Elder Powell later sung several of these songs for ballad scholar, Cecil Sharp on his 1917 Berea visit. (1 ms box)

William H. Tallmadge Baptist Hymnody Collection, 1968-1980, SAA 33 
This collection includes correspondence, sound recordings, notebooks, church association minutes, and hymnbooks compiled during the 1960s and 1970s by William H. Tallmadge while studying Old Regular, Primitive, and United Baptist hymnody in eastern Kentucky, western North Carolina, and western Virginia, as well as the African-American shape-note singing tradition in southeastern Alabama. Title, performer and location search available here. (17 ms boxes)

Appalachian Religion Survey Records, 1931-1933, SAA 34 
Data gathered 1931-1933 from 1,000 churches and missions in seventeen counties within six southern Appalachian states as part of a larger U.S. Department of Agriculture economic and social study. (6 ms boxes)

James Still Papers, 1940-2001, SAA 35 
Correspondence, typescript poetry and prose, clippings, and photographs documenting the life and work of eastern Kentucky writer, James Still. (8 ms boxes)

Settlement Institutions of Appalachia Records, 1970-1982, SAA 36 
Records documenting the SIA’s work of fund raising and promotion of cooperative programming among its fifteen member schools. (36 ms boxes)

Mabel Martin Wyrick Local History Collection, 1854-1893, SAA 37 
Family letters, Baptist Church Association minutes, and an 1861 Union oriented songbook relating to the Martin, Anderson and Jones families in Knox, Laurel, and Whitley Counties, Kentucky, collected by local history writer Mabel Martin Wyrick of Corbin, Kentucky. (1 ms box)

Appalachian Volunteers Oral History Collection, 1982, SAA 39 
Sixteen audio recordings and transcripts of interviews recorded by Marie Tyler McGraw with former Appalachian Volunteer workers who were assigned to West Virginia and then settled there after their service ended. An in-house database is available. (1 ms box)

Hindman Settlement School Records, 1899-1979, SAA 41 
Photographs and microfilmed records documenting the founding, administration and activities of the Hindman Settlement School in Knott County, Kentucky. (13 rolls microfilm)

Pine Mountain Settlement School Records, 1913-1984, SAA 42 
Photographs and microfilmed records documenting the founding and work of Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County, Kentucky. (95 rolls of microfilm and 32 boxes of photographs)

Annville Institute Records, 1900-1980, SAA 43 
Photographs and microfilmed records of the Reformed Church of America’s Annville Institute (elementary and high school) at Annville in Jackson County, Kentucky. (21 rolls microfilm and 9 boxes photographs)

Red Bird Mission Records, 1920-1985, SAA 44 
Photographs and microfilmed records documenting the administration and programs of the Methodist Church related Red Bird Mission in Clay, Leslie, Bell and Harlan Counties in Kentucky. (21 rolls of Microfilm and 10 boxes of photographs)

Buckhorn Children’s Center Records, SAA 45 
Photographs and microfilmed records of the Presbyterian Church sponsored institution and its predecessors, Witherspoon College, and Presbyterian Child Welfare Agency, located at Buckhorn in Perry County, KY. (8 rolls microfilm and 25 boxes of photographs)

Hazel Green Academy Records, 1886-1982, SAA 46 
Photographs and microfilmed records documenting the history of the Disciples of Christ sponsored school, located at Hazel Green in Wolfe County, Kentucky. (54 rolls microfilm, 25 boxes of photographs)

John C. Campbell Folk School Records, 1923-1985, SAA 47 
Photographs and microfilmed records documenting the founding, administration and activities of the school, located at Brasstown in Clay County, North Carolina. (7 rolls of microfilm and 6 boxes of photographs)

Oneida Baptist Institute Records, 1906-1983, SAA 48 
Photographs and microfilmed records documenting the founding and operation of this Baptist Church related school at Oneida in Clay County, Kentucky. (44 rolls of microfilm and 5 boxes of photographs)

Henderson Settlement School Records, 1925-1984, SAA 49 
Photographs and microfilmed records documenting the history of United Methodist Church related Henderson Settlement School and child care program in Bell County, Kentucky. (6 rolls microfilm and 8 boxes photographs)

Hinton Rural Life Center Records, SAA 50 
Photographs and microfilmed records (1958-1985) documenting the work of this Methodist Church related project at Hayesville in Clay County, North Carolina, which focuses on strengthening small-membership churches. (7 rolls microfilm and 1 box of photographs)

Harriette Simpson Arnow Collection, 1936-1986, SAA 51 
Clippings, correspondence, manuscript fragments, photographs, essays and reviews relating to the life and writings of Kentucky writer, Harriette Simpson Arnow (1908-1986). (1 ms box)

Appalachian Church Minutes Collection, SAA 52 
Published minutes or other records of several Appalachian church denominations. Mainline and Old Baptists are most numerous followed by Church of God, Lutherans and Methodists. The largest portion dates from the 1960s to 1980s but there are some from the early to late 1800s as well. An in-house database is available. An in-house database is available. (10 ms boxes)

Mountain Maternal Health League Records, 1936-1986, SAA 53 
Correspondence, minute books, subject files, scrapbooks, publications, and photographs documenting the League’s work. (6 ms boxes)

Buell Kazee Collection, 1946-1979,SAA 54 
Correspondence, articles, photographs, and sound recordings documenting the career, repertoire, and musical talent of Buell Kazee, Kentucky folk singer, banjo player, and Baptist minister. Performance and interview recordings are particularly notable for their extensive documentation of Kazee’s distinctive banjo fingering techniques and tunings. (3 ms boxes)

Southern Regional Council Appalachian Desegregation Survey Records, 1953-1954, SAA 55 
Results of 1954 attitudes survey in twenty-nine counties of three states by Berea College economics professor, Robert Menefee, regarding the Supreme Court’s Brown decision. (1 ms box)

Cratis Williams Papers, 1940-1985, SAA 56 
Correspondence, manuscripts, writings, clippings and photographs related to the life and work of Appalachian scholar, Cratis Willams. (7 ms boxes)

Leonard Roberts Papers, 1950-1983, SAA 57 
Audio recordings, and transcriptions of folklore narrative collected by noted Kentucky folklorist, Leonard Roberts. Story titles, performer names and locations are searchable via an in-house database. (60 ms boxes and 15 card file boxes)

John S. Phillips Papers, 1944-1966, SAA 58 
Clippings, scrapbooks, short stories, poetry, and photographs that document Phillips’ work as a West Virginia newspaper columnist, radio personality, and station manager. (10 ms boxes)