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Educational Technology - About Us

About Us

Mission Statement:

Educational Technology exists to encourage, provide and support 21st century classroom technology that enhances teaching and learning. Ed Tech provides knowledge, resources and support services for faculty in the academic use of technology in the classroom and as part of expanded faculty support through staff training. Our goal is to provide excellent client services while encouraging and supporting the use of existing, emerging and evolving classroom technology used in teaching and learning.

Educational Technology assists faculty and instructors in using technology to compliment traditional instructional practices,address discipline-specific needs, streamline content delivery and expand learning potential. We seek to inspire faculty on the potential use of various technological tools to support faculty goals and objectives in their classroom curriculum.  The use of technology has been shown, for example, to promote critical thinking skills, engage students in learning, accommodate unique learning styles, encourage self-directed inquiry, and enhance the relevance of various content.

Working in partnership with the Hutchins Library, the TRC and the Learning Center, we seek to make these connections more visible and engage faculty in exploring “best practices” in the use of technology to promote learning. We also seek to integrate technology in a fashion that compliments traditional instructional practices and accommodates the unique and special mission of our College.

Educational Technology also operates the Ed Tech Open lab with Help Desk hours facilitated by student labor.  Berea students can come to the open lab during normal Library hours to use our specialized equipment, software programs and active learning spaces. Students can receive help and informational resources on commonly asked questions regarding technology used in their classrooms such as video editing, graphics, and the use of word processing tools and spreadsheets during posted Help Desk hours.  See our Open Lab guide for more information.


Anthony Basham- Moodle Coordinator/Faculty Projects Coordinator-217


Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For individual training or consulation, please schedule your requested time in advance.

Ed Tech Open Lab: 

See posted schedule under Open Lab tab. See a compilation of our Open Lab FAQ's below.

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